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Madhur Jaffrey’s Special


Corn Chaat$11.00

A delightful combination of corn, tossed with Indian tangy spices, mango Powder and lemon juice, garnished with coriander, served luke warm.

Galouti Kebab$9.00

Minced lamb and chickpea, seasoned with various spices.

Palak ke Pakore$8.00

Crisp light, chick pea flour batter dipped, spinach fritters.

Lasooni Gobi $11.00

Florets of fresh cauliflower flavored with garlic and wrapped in a tangy tomato sauce.Vegetarians will love it

Okra “Kur Kuri”- Vegetarians delight$11.00

All time popular - tangy crispy okra.

Mushroom Naan$8.00

A flat bread stuffed with seasoned mushroom.

Main Dish

Lamb Chops “Gurnar”$30.00

Our Tandoori chefs exquisite lamb chops marinated in garlic, ginger,,yogurt & saffron and then grilled in our clay oven.

Anjeer Lamb$24.00

Cubes of Lamb folded into a delicately spiced thick sauce with fig and dry nuts..

Side Dish

Tandoori Mushroom$22.00

Marinated Mushroom with Indian spices then grilled in tandoor oven. The aroma of these velvety textured mushrooms is simply irresistible.

Tandoori Grilled Vegetables$20.00

A delightful plate of marinated seasonal vegetables grilled in our Tandoor and served with chick peas.

Restaurant Hours

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